One Book for Life Success

This wonderful book is full of wisdom and important life lessons for success
Jack Canfield -- America's #1 Success Coach -- Co-author of The Success Principles and the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series


I liked the concept of "Discover your passion" in this book.
Dr A P J Abdul Kalam -- Former President of India

This book is loaded with great ideas that you can use immediately to succeed at higher levels than ever before.  
Brian Tracy -- One of the foremost authorities on peak performance the world          

Venu Somineni's principles are simple, but the results you'll achieve will be extraordinary! you will be changed in a positive way for the rest of your life. 
Ted Leonsis -- Former AOL Vice Chairman -- Owner of the Washington Capitals

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You know, there is a reason why only five percent of the world population is successful while only a very small percentage of the population loves what they do today. Life is all about a series of choices and experiences. Success can be defined by many ways - it exists in the context of who you are, what you love, where you are now, what is the purpose of life, and what do you want to achieve.  For instance, many people who achieve fortunes in the world are not born rich. Over 70% of the world's billionaires are self-made. There are over 275 billionaires of the top 400 richest people in America, and they are all self-made. They literally started from zero and made their fortunes from there. If you look at the percentage of successful people in the world, it has always been less than 5%. There are thousands of books written in the areas of self-help, personal development, success, career growth, inspiration and more. However, no significant change has happened yet, and very few can turn their dreams into reality. There is a large gap between the goal-setting process and making the achievement of the goal a reality today.     
Unfortunately, nobody was born with a manual containing a set of “best practices” and instructions for success. Like math, there is a true formula for success. In this book, I have shared deep insights, advice on best habits, practices, and secrets and much more, which are utilized by successful people. Knowing the best practices is one thing, but following them sincerely is what makes the real difference. 

At the end of this book, your eyes will be open, and you will realize many things including; the best practices for success, secrets behind successful people, what it takes to be successful, your strengths, your passions, your dreams, where you're stuck now, where you're heading, how to manifest your dreams in a short time; what is life all about, how to be happy forever and much, much more. This book is for students, employees, business people, and of course, for all the successful people to achieve even more. 

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